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Zongzi's Journey

Image of Zongzi's Journey

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Get your copy of Zongzi's Journey! Written by Rick Sentieri this paranormal love story Rick pulls readers to the outer realms of spiritual love. The 132-page journey follows Zongzi to his ladylove, Jane. Though poetry and words readers are introduced to Sandy, the local witch who makes wine. Also, a wolf, renegade house mouse and old war veteran. Through the ups and downs of depression can Zongzi pull life's dream back from the abyss?

Here are what the readers are saying:
"I truly liked the story. I don't know how to describe it but this story left me speechless. Perhaps someone might help me with the correct words." -- Abigal D
"After I read the first page, I had to read the rest." -- Chris W
"Can't wait to read the next installment!" -- Jennifer S

Read an excerpt from Zongzi's Journey:

Listen to one of the poems that is published in "Zongzi's Journey"